1 Hack Every Successful Mall Manager Should Know to Fill Their Events

January 30, 2023

Street Show in a mall

1 Hack Every Successful Mall Manager Should Know to Fill Their Events

This goes out to all the marketing and mall managers. You’ve decided it would be great to have an event to attract extra footfall and gain positive PR. You’re also keeping the retailers happy, showing that you’re actively enhancing the visitor experience. You send out the brief to your network of event companies: You want something new that your visitors will love and share.

How do you know what shows are really entertaining, and how can you justify the costs?

I’ve been working with shows for over 30 years. I’ve also been a marketing manager for a major mall, and my company has produced thousands of shows for malls in 16 different countries. Here is my personal ‘hack’

Look at the audience and not the show.

The agency will send you photos and videos. 

Look with curiosity at the photos. Ignore what the artists are doing. Look at the audience.

How big is the audience?

Have they formed a tight edge around the show?

How many people deep is the audience?

Look at the audience mix, is it families, children, mothers and fathers? 

Look at the faces of the audience. Are they engaged, laughing and showing expressions of joy?

Street Show in a mall

Whatever the show is ‘about’ is irrelevant.

You probably don’t have the time or the experience to dive into the show’s narrative or find out about the artist’s journey. You have no time to verify the artist’s training or creative qualifications. 

You have a photo and video to make a very quick judgement. 

If the photos or video don’t have any audience, it’s a red flag. It might mean the show is being created just for you. Be wary. Shows need lots of performances to hone and perfect. A brand-new show that has never been performed is not ‘exclusive’, it’s a risk.

Don’t look at the show; look at the audience.

You’re not paying money for ‘the show’; you’re paying money for the unforgettable and joyful experience for your visitors.

Dolphin Creative is the largest agency specialising in Street Theatre, with over 1,500 artists we create and produce events for malls around the world.

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