How to start a street art festivals: Spektakel Landshut & Spektakel Rosenheim Examples Interview with Martin Hilz, Germany

April 10, 2023 Season 1 Episode 2

Welcome to the first episode of the Festival Corner Podcast. In this episode, our guest is Martin Hilz who is the festival director of Spektakel Landshut and Spektakel Rosenheim. The Landshut Street Festival (Landshuter Straßenfestival) is a popular event that takes place in the city of Landshut, Bavaria, Germany.


It is an annual festival that transforms the streets of Landshut into a vibrant celebration of music, arts, culture, and entertainment.
During the Landshut Street Festival, the city centre comes alive with various performances, live music, street artists, theatre acts, and dance shows. The festival attracts both locals and visitors who come to enjoy the lively atmosphere, explore different stalls offering food and drinks, and experience a diverse range of artistic and cultural expressions.


In this episode, you will hear from the festival director Martin Hillz, who is a creator of Spektakel Landshut and Spektakel Rosenheim. We talked about how these two festivals were started, delightful moments from the festivals, street theatre and busking, how the two festivals evolved and many more.