How to get sponsors for Busker Festival: Interview with Richard Renner, Lawrence Busker Festival in the United States of America

July 30, 2023 Season 1 Episode 4

Welcome to the Festival Corner Podcast where we interview festival directors around the globe. If you are in the arts and entertainment industry, discover the ins and outs of a festival production from our guest who is a very successful producer of many well-known festivals.


In this episode, our guest is Richard Renner who is the festival producer of the Lawrance Busker Festival in the States. Richard and I talked about a brief history of the city of Lawrance and the busker festival, the challenges and delights of producing a festival, tips for working with sponsors, the first female busker festival, busking culture in the States and many more.


This was an incredibly informative episode and I hope you all get something out of this to inspire you.