The Edinburgh Fringe Street Performer’s

Calendar 2023—2024

Miss C Balloonologist

Street performers have been coming to the Fringe since the early 80s. Nobody pays them and they risk all their festival expenses on being able to earn enough from voluntary contributions.

Kozo Kaos

Street performers are experts at seeking out places to perform. They look for that perfect balance between the flow of people and architecture that they can bounce their sound off. The High Street in Edinburgh is one of the perfect places for this.

Bride Ghost

At many other festivals there are limited places for street performers, or you have to be invited. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an open-access festival, which means any genuine street performer can register with the Fringe Street Events Team and try for a place to perform.

Download Your Digital Calendar

This amazing souvenir calendar has been created through a unique partnership between Dolphin Creative, Pavementology, and The Edinburgh Fringe, and helps celebrate the long history of street performing at the Festival. It runs from Fringe to Fringe so you can start using it now! It is full of interesting points about the work, as well as some fantastic pictures from last year’s Festival. The Pavementology project aims to bring the story of contemporary street performing to a wider public audience using a range of special events, walking tours, exhibitions, workshops, talks and performances.