A couple of times a year, a group of influential producers meet up to exchange stories and unwind. It’s a casual affair, usually held in an evening around a dinner table with refreshments and much laughter.
One such gathering happened in Dubai in 2009 bringing together about a dozen directors from the worlds of Circus, Festivals, Fun Fairs, and Stage Shows.
Having amassed 100’s of years of show experience between them, they set at the round table accompanied by their wives or girlfriends; politeness suggested not to ask which.

The wine did flow and stories were told: A circus in Saudi Arabia where the Big Top nearly collapsed. A Fair in Singapore where the owner negotiated with a prominent landowner. A festival in Africa where the producer paid the local army for protection.

The stories were about triumph over adversity, risks and rewards. Stories the general public would never know. ‘War Stories’ in the world of show business.

Suddenly, and halfway through a fascinating story about getting a work visa for pigmy midget, one of the ladies stood up.
A strong woman. South American with the physique of a warrior; she stood above the table and pointed to the narrator.

“You are a shark!”
A moment’s silenced was broken by a roar of laughter
She pointed to another.
“You are a shark!”
Again more roars.
Unperturbed the lady continued to point at the guests smiling and yelling: “Shark!”
That is until she reached my seat. She stopped. Her expression lightened, and in more of derogatory tone than I was hoping, declared to the table
“You’re more like a Dolphin! Like some kind of creative Dolphin!”
The table exploded with laughter.

It is true that I don’t have some of the brutal qualities seen in traditional producing. My business style is that of collaboration and honesty. By focusing on creativity I’ve managed to carve out a successful 30-year career and built strong relationships with clients and talent.

That particular night I was searching for a name for my new company.
Dolphin. Dolphin Creative.

In 2010 the company was formed and we’re still holding to our core values of honesty, integrity and collaboration.
If you’re tired of dealing with sharks, why not give Dolphin a try?