Who We Are

Our talent pool is over 1,000 and encompasses managers, designers, engineers, artists, construction, education and creative.


We are a multicultural team spread over 10 countries. We are: dedicated, driven, committed, hardworking, passionate, service driven, reliable, honest, friendly, problem solving, fun, and fair.

Dolphin Creative’s work has been enjoyed by over 1,000,000 people since 2009

Dolphin is a member of IFEA and ICSC


In the age of global connectedness, Dolphin Creative consults globally to work locally. Pulling resources from around the world and connecting with local providers, we’re able to deliver a great service at a competitive budget. Our team is spread over many countires with our hub in Dubai, and our regional offices in: Edinburgh, Singapore, Mumbai, Doha, Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, Adelaide, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and London.

Dolphin Creative:
The story behind the company name

As told by Stuart
“One night in 2009, I was having dinner with some old friends from the UK. The guests were an eclectic group of theatre and circus producers, most of whom I’ve been friends with for many decades. The evening progressed and the conversation mingled with anecdotes, and stories of past productions, and future plans. After a while, one of my friend’s guests let out a huge a sigh of disbelief: “You’re such a bunch of sharks” she rued.

To that the whole table burst with a kind of prideful laughter. Producing theatre and entertainment is a risky business and not one for the feint hearted. She then stood up and pointed to each of the producers around the table. “You’re a shark” she said as pointed to one. “You’re a shark” she said to another. “You’re a shark” and so it went one in order around the table. Until she reached me. She lowered her voice slightly, and said: “you’re more like a Dolphin”

The table erupted with laughter.

Being called a Dolphin within a group of Sharks was not meant to be a compliment.
However, something instantly clicked inside my head. Yes, I thought. Yes, I suppose I am more of a Dolphin than a Shark.
I like doing business that benefits everyone. I like being fair and compassionate. I like producing with a creative and intellectual approach.
I am Dolphin. I am Creative.
I’ll name my company Dolphin Creative.

After 7 successful years; the formula is still working strong
If you’re tired of dealing with Sharks: give us a call