What We’ve Done

We have organised and managed many festivals, in a number of different locations

Dubai Marina Street Festival

Dubai / 2010 to present

Emaar and Dolphin Creative produced the first Marina Street Festival in Dubai in March 2010.

The festival has grown each year and now stages over 500 shows with 40 international artists in 10 days across 2 km of marina property.

The festival attracts significant national PR, and is attended by over 200,000 visitors


The Avenues Carnival

Kuwait / 2013 to present

Starting in 2013, The Avenues in Kuwait engaged Dolphin Creative to create a summer festival for the property. Growing each year, the festival has become a local attraction with over 300 shows across 3 weeks.

“We are extremely proud in reaching a huge success with the Carnival which, stimulated great attachments between the audience and street show performers, we continuously seek new and creative ideas that add a smile to our audiences while spending their best time possible at The Avenues.”

Shuaa Al Qati; Marketing Manager; Avenues Mall – Kuwait


Dubai / 2014, 2015

As part of the Al Ghurair expansion program, Dolphin Creative were engaged to create a street theatre festival. By utilising side roads, the festival was able to engage visitors inside and outside the property.

The festival generated PR value of over 1,000,000 USD and attracted an additional 150,000 visitors to the mall with more than 500 shows performed by 45 international acts.

Food Festivals

Various Cities / 2013 to present

Dolphin Creative are proud to be a partner in the first of kind street theatre festival in Sudan.

The 5 day festival was held in Rama Park in Khartoum and featured a selection of top international acts.The festival was a great success and future festivals in Khartoum and Addis Ababa are in the planning stages for 2017

CapeTown Buskers Festival

CapeTown / 2016

Dolphin Creative is proud to have been invited to partner the first Cape Town Buskers festival with Cape Town Fringe Festival in partnership with the V&A Waterfront.

The inaugural festival ran for 3 days with local and international artists. The success of the festival has resulted in a long term strategy plan to grow and develop the project in partnership with Cape Town Fringe Festival for 2017 and beyond.

SuperStars of Street: India Tour 2016

Delhi & Chennai / 2016

SuperStars of Street was created by Dolphin Creative in 2016 to bring together the best street theatre artists from around the world and combine into a touring festival performing in cities around India.

The debut tour was an outstanding success with 3 more similar tours planned for 2017


Bubbles and Balloons

Various Cities/2011 to present

A festival curated for the young families, Bubbles and Balloons is a successful format that has been produced for numerous clients in the last 6 years.

The structure of the event includes the cornerstones for success: Huge balloon sculpture for decor, Bubble shows, Balloon workshops, Bubble and Balloon play areas, Walkabout characters, and free gifts for all the children. The event is hugely popular and has delivered big audiences and strong PR coverage.

Al Qasba Street Festival

Sharjah / 2013

10 day Street Festival at Al Qasba, Sharjah.

“We are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.”

Khuloud Salim Al Junaibi; Head Of Events Units, Al Qasba, Sharjah

Emaar Family Theatre Festival

Dubai / 2013

Dolphin Creative devised a new festival format to engage children for an edutainment themed festival. The 10 Day Storytelling festival brought together different internationally renowned storytellers from different continents to retell classic native stories to groups of children.

Story sessions were devised for different ages and were staged outdoors, and indoors in small intimate Tipi tents for 30 children at a time.

“The management of Dubai Marina Mall has been working with Dolphin Creative since January 2011. We are pleased to say that they have always provided creative, original concepts that ensure our mall’s events are in a different category to the usual mall entertainment. All the events are entertaining, interesting, unique and always very well received.”

Bronwyn Redding-Jones: Senior Marketing Manager, Emaar Malls Group

Georgetown Festival

Penang / 2016

In 2016 the first street theatre program was added to the international mix of curated events as part of the Georgetown Festival. A long weekend in August saw shows performed in multiple locations across the city in one of Malaysia’s iconic festivals.

Muscat Festival

Muscat / 2013 to present

As part of the annual Muscat Festival, Dolphin Creative staged 15 days of top flight international street theatre featuring a wide variety of acts in 2 performance spaces at Naseem Park.

“Your participation in the Muscat Festival certainly gave added value; It enriched our activities with an entertaining flavour. We look forward to your innovative touch year after year.”

Mr. Nasir Bin Abdullah Al Ghilani; The head Committee of Naseem Public Garden Events for Muscat Festival


Abu Dhabi / 2014

To celebrate Eid Al Adha Dolphin Creative worked with the Abu Dhabi Tourism authority to produce and deliver a 3 day festival project involving 10 separate venues and 30 different shows.

Shows were rotated around all the venues each day ensuring that each venue hosted a 3 different shows each day.

Global Village

Dubai / 2014, 2015 & 2016

Dolphin Creative has partnered with the Middle East’s longest running major theme park for 3 years to produce a 10 day international street theatre festival staged at various locations around the park.

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore / 2016

Dolphin Creative worked with our international team to create a selection of Christmas inspired walkabout characters to help entertain visitors for the three weeks leading up to Christmas.

Storytelling Festival

Dubai / 2014

Dolphin Creative devised a new festival format to engage children for an edutainment themed festival. The 10 Day Storytelling festival brought together different internationally renowned storytellers from different continents to retell classic native stories to groups of children. Story sessions were devised for different ages and were staged outdoors, and indoors in small intimate Tipi tents for 30 children at a time.


Decades of creative management experience ensuring the latest in concept planning.

Everything you need to fulfill the marketing communication process. Our services can include:

  • Event brand guidelines
  • Event logo designs
  • Event site maps
  • Event programme guides (physical and mobile Apps)
  • Event merchandise
  • PR briefing documents on content
  • Social Media content

Our PR consultation services can work directly with local media, or happily partner with local PR companies to provide additional support along with PR and Editorial interview formats (for Print, TV, Radio and Online) In addition, Dolphin Creative has connections to provide international PR and marketing opportunities

The world’s largest agency for Street Arts ensuring the best choice of shows with experience in multi-platform schedule planning.

Our scheduling experience allows us to create a flow for an event from start to finish.
Schedules are an invaluable asset for creating the communication process between visitor and event, and can be designed to fill both physical space and time.

Whatever the scale of an event, Logistical and Technical management are at it’s core for a successful. Global experience, working with local suppliers, delivered with confidence.

Management responsibilities can include: site design and layout, power requirements, security, audio and visual, latrines, signage, information tents, production facilities, technical crew, public assistants, staging, F&B, and of course all Health and Safety requirements.

Our logistical team also manage the behind-the-scenes details including; transport management, accommodation management, tax and accounting systems, freight, visas, and licenses.

Decades of creative management experience ensuring the latest in concept planning.

Dolphin have a large range of games specifically designed for public events and festivals. The Giant Games are visual, enjoyable to play, and enjoyable to watch.

Games include: Giant Chess, Giant Jenga, Giant Buzzer Game, Giant ‘Connect 4’ and many more Dolphin also can produce a range of traditional side show stalls for guests to test their skills and win prizes

Children’s workshops add a learning and edutainment. Children can engage in activities to open their minds to the creative process, and workshops enable families to participate in fun activities together.
Dolphin has a wide range of different workshops for children of all ages.

We work with professional artists who can pass on their enthusiasm through specifically designed workshop programs.

  • Examples of our workshops include:
  • Music workshops
  • Puppet making workshops
  • Balloon animal workshops
  • Clay Making workshops
  • Circus Workshops

Dolphin Creative work with our partners to create decor and visual arts to integrate with festivals. Agents for the most creative talent; pushing the boundaries of space, art and visitor engagement.

From small licenced children’s productions to large scale West End extravaganzas: Dolphin has it covered. We have years of experience in producing staged shows whether it be for a public open stage, theatre, or large scale seated arena.

Dolphin has the global connections to source hundred’s of the top shows through our theatre agency, and specialists in Box Office management, ticketing, accounts, marketing, technical and logistics to assist you along the way.

Our creative team can curate the right shows for a festival theme; be it a puppet festival, a children’s edutainment festival, a storytelling festival or any number of of themes.

Dolphin Creative also has extensive experience in producing and staging Circus productions whether within theatres, or producing Big Top venues.

Global leaders in producing Street Theatre events with over 1,000 professional artists. In 2016, SuperStars of Street was created to showcase the very best artists for tours and special events around the world

Dolphin Creative are experts music production for festivals.

We help our clients navigate through the myriad of genres and options to select the acts that will enhance the uniqueness of the festival.

Dedicated specialist team programming the best of the global busking talent.

About Stuart Every

CEO and Founder Stuart Every has been a producer for 30 years. Since the age of 18 he has worked across multiple production genres including music, theatre, ballet, visual arts, and comedy. Stuart founded Dolphin Creative in 2009.

Dolphin Creative:
The story behind the company name

As told by Stuart
“One night in 2009, I was having dinner with some old friends from the UK. The guests were an eclectic group of theatre and circus producers, most of whom I’ve been friends with for many decades. The evening progressed and the conversation mingled with anecdotes, and stories of past productions, and future plans. After a while, one of my friend’s guests let out a huge a sigh of disbelief: “You’re such a bunch of sharks” she rued.

To that the whole table burst with a kind of prideful laughter. Producing theatre and entertainment is a risky business and not one for the feint hearted. She then stood up and pointed to each of the producers around the table. “You’re a shark” she said as pointed to one. “You’re a shark” she said to another. “You’re a shark” and so it went one in order around the table. Until she reached me. She lowered her voice slightly, and said: “you’re more like a Dolphin”

The table erupted with laughter.

Being called a Dolphin within a group of Sharks was not meant to be a compliment.
However, something instantly clicked inside my head. Yes, I thought. Yes, I suppose I am more of a Dolphin than a Shark.
I like doing business that benefits everyone. I like being fair and compassionate. I like producing with a creative and intellectual approach.
I am Dolphin. I am Creative.
I’ll name my company Dolphin Creative.

After 7 successful years; the formula is still working strong
If you’re tired of dealing with Sharks: give us a call